Aldehyde ketonic resin for adhesives

Ketonic resin

iSuoChem® ketonic resin is a kind of hard resin with high photo sta...

Light yellow transparent Maleic Acid Resin

Maleic Acid Resin

iSuoChem® Alcohol soluble Maleic Acid Resin can be dissolved in mixed so...

chlorinated ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer EVA

CEVA resin

iSuoChem® CEVA is Chlorinated EVA made from EVA through modificatio...

Stock polyamide resin for gravure printing ink

Polyamide resin

iSuoChem® Wholesale Benzene soluble Polyamide resin in differe...


VCVA Vinyl Chloride Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Resin

iSuoChem® Vinyl Chloride &Vinyl Acetate Copolymer is a type of white...

Polyvinyl Butyral PVB Resin

Factory sale powder type Polyvinyl Butyral PVB Resin for ink

PVB is the abbreviation of Polyvinyl Butyral Resin.


Blue disperse agent manufacturer

Disperse agent

iSuoChem® disperse agent, also named as fluidising agent. It is mainly s...

PVC lubricant PE wax for PVC factory

PE polyethylene wax

iSuoChem® PE Wax(Micronized wax or polyethylene wax), as chemical Auxili...

antioxidant agent manufacturer

Antioxidant agent

iSuoChem® Chemical Auxiliary Agent antioxidant is low volatile organic s...

UV light stabilizer for woven bags

UV Stabilizer

iSuoChem® Ultraviolet light Stabilizer-you can find different ...

Light yellow clear liquid Sulfonamide

N-Ethyl O/P-Toluene Sulfonamide

iSuoChem® N-E-OPTSA, we also call it N-Ethyl O/P-Toluene Sulfonamid...

Polyester fiber Ultraviolet UV Absorbent

UV Absorber

iSuoChem® High-performance UV absorber, with good compatibility, low vol...

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iSuoChem is the professional supplier of resin and additives, operated by manufacturing and trading for over 20 years. We focus on resin and additives for coating, printing and plastic industry. We have international R&D center and advanced labs in China, Europe and USA. We help our customers to save purchasing cost, upgrade product levels, add product values and make their product more competitive and distinctive. It's our goal be the most valuable supplier of our customers. We supply all types of resins for making printing inks, such as water based ink, co-solvent based ink, alcohol based ink and ester based ink. We help our suppliers to develop more environment friendly resins and solvent system, improve resin to increase printing efficiency and beautify the printing effect. We are currently participating in the markets of South-East Asia, Europe, USA, South America & Middle East. Our experienced team specializes in understanding these key markets and cares about your unique needs. iSuoChem®'s strong R&D and safe supply chain can assure you stable quality and relaxed purchasing experience. Currently iSuoChem Group is made up of these subsidiaries:  1) Anhui iSourcing International Co., Ltd.  2) Spiderbond Adhesives Co., Ltd (HK).  3) Hefei Gee-U Lift Tech Co., Ltd.  4) Hefei MagicColor New Material Co., Ltd.  5) Chemical Technologies Ltd (UK).  6) Mengcheng Huicai Packaging Co., Ltd. iSuoChem's Corporate Values are:  1) Honest and trustworthy.  2) Teamwork.  3) Customer-Oriented. 4) Striver First.  If you find any action of any iSuoChem's team members against these values, please email to [email protected] and you will get $1000+ as rewards. Our Core Competence includes:  1) More (Strong sourcing & organizing ability, Combined shipment; One-stop shopping).  2) Efficient (Fast & In time; 12 Hours Response; Solution-Focused).  3) Better (Be the professional, thoughtful and safe purchasing helper; value-added services; Free product training and market survey). 4) Economical (Peer evaluation, OEM Groupon Strategy…). The passion of iSuoChem team includes Explore, Connect, Create, Innovate & Contribute. Young and passionate generation join iSuoChem and treat the company as home. With the Vision “Live for passion and dreams” and the Mission “Create value for clients and opportunities for partners”, iSuoChem team is realizing the aggressive Ambition “Be the most valuable supplier to our clients”!  
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  • One-Stop Purchase

    iSuoChem® offers most of resin and additives for printing and coating industry. You can combine different raw materials in one shipment, meanwhile, you can save money, time, and energy by purchasing from us.

  • ISO9001 14001

    iSuoChem® has obtained the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standard certification.  We also can supply SGS and other quality certificates if you need.

  • Strong R&D ability

    iSuoChem® have international R&D center and advanced labs in China, Europe and USA. Our strong R&D and safe supply chain are your assurance of stable quality.


iSuoChem's 2rd day in Middle East Coatings Show

iSuoChem's 2rd day in Middle East Coatings Show

Welcome to our booth number Z5E70 at the Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Today is the second day of the paint exhibition. Our business representatives have arrived at the boo...

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